Koboz Week 3 Kommish Report

We are back at it again, its time to start thinking of the playoffs, are you in or are you out? Do you care? Do I? Hell no I don’t its time to see who did what and to who this week lets get to the matchups…….

Game 1 Mauraders 1-1 vs Dread Pirates 1-1

The Maurs and Pirates met in the den with both knowing a spot to get into the playoff picture being important, the only thing that could derail them was those darn zebras out on the field.

the maurs being the road team had a bit of disadvantage, the home team in this league always comes down to how rowdy the home fans are, mauraders? thats great!! if only they had a home game!!!! the pirates have, well pirates for fans, they cheat steal plunder, all the good stuff teams need from their fans to win and the pirates were able to squeak out a win 26-25.

Game 2 Kodiaks 0-2 vs Zepplins 2-0

Daks and Zeps both missed the draft this year, one team had no issue as they have won the first two games, while the other I am sure is upset with the autodraft, so now what? it works for some and not others? seems true, that the draft is more of a crapshoot rather than a science? maybe true as well, that being said the best advice I can give is get to the draft and let the wheel do the work for you!!!! zeps win big 47-23.

Game 3 Rebels 0-2 vs Screaming Demons 0-2

Both teams in a bad way, the dems still haven’t figured out how to get a win yet this year, the rebs have seen themselves becoming more and more evil each season, it has happened in other sci fy universes why not our beloved Star Wars one…..

in this one they must have tapped into something special as the demons well they are trying, here is the demons playbook cover….

they scored 44 points good for fourth but not good enough for this one as rebs get their first win 48-44.

Game 4 Dreadnaughts 2-0 vs Vipers 1-1

The vips have been scoring very well this year, they even got Cook who is killing it this year, but the defense is just not keeping up, the naughts have been scoring out of their minds this week scoring the most of the year with 51, the vips had 38 but not nearly enough, perhaps they have something else on their mind….

typical Bill…….

Game 5 Burninators 1-1 vs Warhawks 2-0

The nation has looking to take a win and get into the playoff picture, the hawks on the other hand unleased their defense which gave them the boost they needed to win this one. 40-25.

uhhh sorry I forgot to get a picture for this game, so……..

With all these wins one can only ask what do you want? well? any ideas……

Well its time my friends its time to start thinking about the playoffs…….


game 1 demons 0-3 vs hawks 3-0

the demons are trying to figure out what to do, they have tried scoring very low points, no go, this week they tried scoring a lot of points, no go, the real advice is to find a real defense so you don’t need to score so much, the hawks are more worried about their disc golf game then this game, and they just get a new pro tip I can share with you.

game 2 daks 0-3 vs vips 1-2

the vips are trying to get back into the playoff picture, they are right there right in the mix, the daks may have winter on the mind they may be thinking of hibernating early this year or perhaps it is something else…

game 3 maurs 1-2 vs rebs 1-2

two teams going nowhere fast, and looking for some answers, the maurs will be trying to regroup on the bus ride to reb stadium docking bay 94, the rebs have been turning to the bottle…..

game 4 naughts 3-0 vs nation 1-2

the naughts are looking to keep dominance and maintain a tie for the lead in the West, the nation is ready to get a win and cook some battleship ass. but as always one has to always make sure to keep your eye on the prize…

game 5 pirates 2-1 vs zeps 3-0

the zeps are riding high but this week will be a big one, as we have our game of the week, they will be preparing to score another ridiculous amount of points, the pirates have been a confusing team this season they have one of the worst offenses yet have two wins, speaking of confusing things……..

thats almost as confusing as learning something severly disturbing when you combine two great movies of our time…..

that is it for this week

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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