Koboz Kommish Report Week 9

The Vikes now have a two game winning streak! is it time to get on the bus?

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don’t know if its cool, or if I’m getting on the short bus.

or just bandwagon time.


Game 1 Dread Pirates 6-2 vs Vipers 4-4

This was a great game, at least that is what I was told, the RB’s tied at 6 the WR’s tied at 6 as well, kickers tied at 7 so this was looking like we would come down to the tie breakers,

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but don’t fret dear readers this game would come down to old fashioned winning as the pirates gave out free drinks and the vips being the vips…..


pirates were able to hold their liquor and win 40-33.

Game 2 Kodiaks 5-3 vs Dreadnaughts 2-6

Two teams one towards the top and one on the bottom, could the plucky lowly naughts get it figured out? or would the daks show their dominance?

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yeah the daks win 49-29

Game 3 Mauraders 2-6 vs Burninators 3-5

This fires burned to their left and to their right, the ground black and smoldering, the air filled with the smell of burning, this is the enviroment the maurs found themselves in, but with that they were able to keep the game close, the maurs instead of fighting the fire brought kindling….

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with that they were able to win a big game

Game 4 Zepplins 4-4 vs Screaming Demons 3-5

Big game both teams with a chance make the playoffs, so which team wants it more? who fights for it more? these teams also know if they just had a few more weeks…

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as for this week the zeps win a big one 34-29.

Game 5 Rebels 4-4 vs Warhawks 7-1

Ah brother vs brother the week only two people care about but still gets lots of coverage so lets get to it,

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yes I’m sickened as well they playing soocer!!! whats next they cheer each other on???

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holy crap it seems the fix is in with all the rest of the west teams losing this week the hawks could give up a win to the rebs and not lose any ground !!!

lets look at the facts the hawks score the lowest score of the week, the rebs are “given” the best score of the week 50-28 is not even close, it is possible the hawks found something interesting on the interwebs and went down the Leo rabbit hole…..

he’s been doing this for six years and I just found it!!!

The playoffs are looming large just four games to go the pirates and hawks have the division leads at the moment will they keep it?

match ups….

game 1 pirates 7-2 vs daks 6-3

wow right into our game of the week, the pirates have enjoyed the lead in the north but the daks haven’t let up and are chasing each and every week.

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game 2 maurs 3-6 vs rebs 5-4

the maurs are dead last in the north they are two games back for the playoffs, meanwhile the rebs need to keep the winning going as they are only tied for last playoff spot.

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game 3 zeps 5-4 vs naughts 2-7

the zeps are licking their chops on this one, the naughts have lost a lot of games…..

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if you get it you get it

game 4 vips 4-5 vs nation 3-6

vips are all alone in second in the north, first place is three games away a tough road and some help needed, the nation are right here right now and a win here gets them one step closer…. the nation want that third spot in the west and now is the time to turn the fire up.

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game 5 demons 3-6 vs hawks 7-2

demons are the other team looking to stay in the playoff hunt, the hawks lost a game and are just a game from wrapping up a playoff spot and getting clsoser to winning the division.

the hawks must have been better and picking players at draft then some other folks……

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great week and time to get ready for the next one, the daks can pretty much have the stone cup unless they miss a week, maybe two….

what things do you think of????

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I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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