Koboz Kommish Report Week 8

Well what do you know the Vikes can win a game, now we can’t sevor for Trevor, Jets seem to have that one sown up.

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Game 1 Dread Pirates 5-2 vs Screaming Demons 3-4

Demons up and down season found themselves in the middle of a hate zone, they hate the pirates, they hate the north, they hate losing, the pirates are in control of their own destiny as of now and this game did nothing but help as they are victorious

Not sure if I'm full of hate or Nah I'm full of hate - Futurama Fry | Meme  Generator

Game 2 Kodiaks 5-2 vs Warhawks 6-1

Our game of the week would give us 87 points combined the daks would be happy but they were on the short end of the stick and the hawks take the daks down 58-29.

I sure got the short end of the stick in life, but that end is sharp

Game 3 Mauraders 2-5 vs Dreadnaughts 1-6

maurs made the trek out to the sea to take on the naughts, they didn’t want to they didn’t like it but the game was there and they wanted to take it, but the gameplan was flawed as the maurs had brought horses and catapults but forget they weren’t real useful in over 50 fathoms of water.

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Game 4 Rebels 3-4 vs Burninators 3-4

The nation fired first with 9=6 QB lead, the rebs were not happy they brought in the special teams to take the lead 24-18, yes this game was going to be a back and forth afair….

THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT - Hallelujah Squirrel - quickmeme

the nation was not happy and brought the fire with 24-0 WR points, at this point they felt pretty good the rebs have Cook he will get a TD maybe even two but three? even then not enough, the dams Cook went for four and the rebs win 55-41.

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Game 5 Zepplins 3-4 vs Vipers 4-3

The vips were ready they had the venom, they had the fangs sharpened, they had the roads nicely paved and ready to go, but the zeps are a flying team they live in the air, snakes can’t compete with that zeps win 29-25.

reactions on Twitter: "snake dragon biting blimp… "

cool pic though props to vips artist rendition, outcome not some good.

it seems everyone is suffering during this time.

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match ups….

game 1 pirates 6-2 vs vips 4-4

with great wins comes great responsibilites, with great power comes the idiots ….

GC wins again | Words, George carlin, Life quotes

game 2 daks 5-3 vs naughts 2-6

the daks are back a game for the north lead the naughts with only 2 wins would make one think the season could be over, but they are just a game from third they could still make the playoffs!!! hosting for the second week in a row the naughts are hoping for a win streak.

We win one more, that's called a winning streak - lou brown major league |  Meme Generator

game 3 maurs 2-6 vs nation 3-5

pretty lackluster game here does anyone care?

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game 4 zeps 4-4 vs demons 3-5

two teams both in third looking to win to stay that way, a loss puts the season in jeopardy so be sure to bring your best!!!!

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game 5 rebs 4-4 vs hawks 7-1

ahh our brother vs brother game,

Battle Royal brother vs brother Let the games begin! - ron burgundy shocked  | Meme Generator

rebs need the win more which may give them a bit of an edge, the hawks hate to lose and are hoping to wrap up a playoff spot soon.

The RL You HER BROTHER YOU Posted by Grecia Aldez‎ in Our Facebook Group  Just Jedi Memes | Star Wars Meme on ME.ME
Star Wars Memes | Leia, Han, kiss, brother | Funny star wars memes, Star  wars humor, Star wars memes

don’t forget your NFL picks and good luck remember next week the Masters!!! thats right I’m talking golf in november, college game day is going to the masters on saturday next week.

Been golfing all summer with my golf partner Alex. My wife said I should  post photos, so I did. Now she's mad. Women are confusing. - My golf buddy  Alex | Make

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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