Koboz Kommish Report Week 3 The Final Delivery

The Vikes are losing again will they finish the job and keep the good draft pick? or will they be stupid….

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will they lose or will detroit stop cowering….

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shall we get to the games? hell yeah lets start with least meaningful

game 1 demons 5-8 1-0 vs Rebels 6-7 1-0

two teams happy not to make the toilet bowl and that is that, one of the top scoring teams the rebs showed they could have taken it all had they just made the playoffs winning easy this day 54-32.

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game 2 nation 5-8 0-1 vs daks 9-4 0-1

our other top scoring team of the year the daks showed why they were a scary to meet in the playoffs , but they lost the first game and found themselves going for 5th instead of a title. but they take fifth with agression.55-30.

but I thought the daks had a fantastic team…..

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game 3 zeps 7-6 1-1 vs vips 7-6 1-1

two teams with dreams they had the chance the oppertunity they just didn’t have the scores on the right day as they come one game short of winning it all, they will have dreams (nightmares) of what they could have done and now have to wait an entire year to try again, btw can we keep our teams???

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vips win this one 55-27.

game 4 Mauraders 4-9 0-1 vs Dreadnaughts 5-8 0-1

The Toilet Bowl

welcome one and all to the game we all try to stay away from, to play all season and find yourself here hurts and hurts bad,

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anyway the naughts win and by that I mean the maurs are our toilet bowl champion.



Featuring from the West the 8-5 1-0 Warhawks

Featuring from the North the 9-4 1-0 Dread Pirates

And so we play an entire season just to come up to this one game for all the marbles, why anyone wants marbles I have no idea.

marbles - Meme by AllisonGravley :) Memedroid

The game started as most do with a score, by the time the QB’s had scored we had a pathetic 3-0 game, after that slow start a boring 6-6 RB battle the WR would be even worse as no points were scored at all, not a one are you kidding me?

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so it came down to the defense and kicker as it usually does, the pirates were able to win the kickers by 3 and that tied us up at 19 with defenses to go.

the hawks top defense for the entire year didn’t show up this week and the pirates did winning the def 6-1 and the grey cup with it 25-20.

CONGRATES TO THE DREAD PIRATES as this years winner. can some asshole out there beat these guys? both the naughts last year and hawks this year left one player on bench that would have won it. what were the hawks thinking?????

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so what are the pirates thinking????

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and alas we come to the end of a wonderful year and great times and season, hope to see all of you at draft next season.

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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