Koboz Kommish Report Week 12

we have a lot of work to do to figgure out these playoffs I may need some help…. on the plus side the Vikes still have a shot just a game out of the playoffs……

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We have come to the last two weeks that count, that mean anything for the season or for your playoff life so lets get to it…..

Game 1 Dread Pirates 9-2 vs Rebels 5-6

With this game the pirates would wrap up the top spot in the north, the rebs are fighting for their playoff lives, the pirates seem to be resting the players as they only put up 18 points, they even picked up a new QB and left him and his 12 points on the bench! the rebs took advantage scoring 32 and more importantly the win!!!

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Game 2 Kodiaks 7-4 vs nation 4-7

One would think bears and fire wouldn’t mix yet to the fire nation the daks did go, what they found there were points lots and lots of points.

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daks aren’t messing around winning 55-35.

Game 3 Mauraders 4-7 vs Zepplins 5-6

With games running out the maurs took to the road to take on the zeps, a fight to the win for the win and nothing but the win was all the zeps needed to keep the maurs out and move to the next step towards a championship.

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zeps 38-21

Game 4 Dreadnaughts 4-7 vs Screaming Demons 3-8

Naughts up and coming winning a bunch in a row looking at the playoffs, the demons are next in the way, demons have had some highlights but mostly just trying to get by,

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demons 46-25.

Game 5 Vipers 6-5 vs Warhawks 8-3

The hawks have had multiple weeks to wrap up the top spot in the West but haven’t done so, the vips can’t lose or else they will not have a chance at the title this one became our game of the week, the hawks had early lead with k and def 8-7 QB was 4-3 hawks now up 12-10 slowly building up a lead WR 14-12 hawks crawling closer to the title now lead 26-22, the hawks even got six more from the RB’s now 32-22 coach Bill was down to his last RB everything was on the line and what did the hawks do? thats right prevent defense which as we all known just prevents you from winning vips henry goes for 3 TD’s and sail to the win 40-32.

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Welcome one and all to the last week of the regular season!!!!!

pirates and hawks are in same position win and take your bye week, lose and we could see some ties so its time to break it down. one team is out incredible we got everyone else with a shot the maurs get to go home……. awwwww sorry no home to go to……..

ok did some checking, the pirates are our north champs if it is a tie the pirates win because of head to head lead winning both games this season. ok north last playoff spot will go to the rebs or zeps both same record so in case of tie it comes down to divisional record if both win or both lose the zeps will take the spot, the rebs need to win and have the zeps lose to move on, I guess scoring all those points don’t do a lot of good.

the west the hawks win and get the title, if hawks lose and vips win they will take the title with division record, we have a three way tie for for the last spot in the west, the nation control their own destiny a win and they are in with good divisional record, if nation lose the naughts and demons have a shot demons have the edge with division record, the naughts need the most help the demons and nation lose and they win to get it.

game 1 pirates 9-3 vs zeps 6-6

the only question for the pirates is if they want double digit wins or not, the zeps want the win and the playoff spot.

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game 2 daks 8-4 vs rebs 6-6

daks have second place wrapped up do they want to face the zeps or rebs? lose this one and get to play them again, win and get the zeps, they will have something to play for, the rebs need to win to get in.

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game 3 maurs 4-8 vs demons 4-8

maurs get to play spoiler can keep the demons out of playoffs, the demons need the win and some help.

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game 4 naughts 4-8 vs vips 7-5

this will be a fight to the end, the vips need the win and some help to win the west, the naughts need the win more with some help to get into the playoffs, expect hell in this one.

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game 5 nation 4-8 vs hawks 8-4

the hawks are in the playoffs the nation needs to win to make sure they are in, so another good battle here, the hawks will also be trying to win for the first round bye. when they say the bird on fire could be taken two different ways…..

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quite the week no thursday game so be ready for it all.

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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