Koboz Kommish Report Week 10

Looks like summer is officially over so how did yours go? it never seems to go as expected…..

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at least the Vikes are giving us some hope….

Amen to that!

a win this week and again next week and for the next 6 six will give us a chance to make the playoffs and thats all we are asking for….

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Game 1 Dread Pirates 7-2 vs Kodiaks 6-3

Our game of the week these teams left nothing to chance and coached some of the best games we have seen the daks left 10 on the bench while the pirates left none whatsoever, does that make them better? in a word maybe the daks were happy with 38 points but they sure needed the 10 they left on the bench as the pirates scored 48 and take the victory.

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Game 2 Mauraders 3-6 vs Rebels 5-4

The maurs hit the road this week and found themselves at docking bay 94, which has been recently updated!!!

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as you can see it is a bit taller and more round, plus we still can seat no fans as always, they just wanted food and drinks so best not to deal with them at all, because of all the updates the rebs minds were not on the game and they lost this one 46-33

Game 3 Zepplins 5-4 vs Dreadnaughts 2-7

The naughts are a bad team at 2-7 and the zeps don’t want to win by starting bye players. so the naughts crushed 35-9.

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Game 4 Vipers 4-5 vs Burninators 3-6

The vips were looking to wrap up second place and the nation are looking to take it from them,

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the nation were hoping they were playing the zeps as that would be the only other team they could have beat this week, alas the vips scored 35 and take them down.

Game 5 Screaming Demons 3-6 vs Warhawks 7-2

The demons nation and vips are all fighting for second third and first out of the playoffs positions, the vips with a one game lead, the demons had a chance to move into playoff position, one problem? taking on the top team in the west with a desire to secure that first round bye, but in order to beat the top teams you need to score in the top percentile, the demons could only muster 23 points, the hawks high flying offense kept it up this week scoring 40 and taking the victory.

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The playoffs are right around the corner the pirates and hawks have control of their own destinys, they can win out and take the divisions, the vips have a two game lead for second need to win out and hawks lose out to have chance at title, nation, demons, naughts are all now tied at 3-7, one of them is going to the playoffs should be a fun fight to see who, in the north the daks are two back from the pirates and have a one game lead for second the rebs and zeps at 5-5 and maurs are still in it at 4-6.

match ups

game 1 nation 3-7 vs demons 3-7

one may think at 3-7 there is not much to worry about but we know both have a chance to make it, but wins are becoming mandatory and now is the time to start, is it possible to burn a demon??

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game 2 rebs 5-5 vs vips 5-5

the rebs need the win to keep a lock on the third playoff spot the vips need the win to keep second locked up and make a run for first,

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game 3 naughts 3-7 vs hawks 8-2

the naughts have gone from no wins to tied for third? with only three wins? they have a lot to fight for today, will the hawks have as much desire? they need the win to wrap up the division and first round bye, we shall see who wants it more.

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game 4 daks 6-4 vs zeps 5-5

the daks and zeps look to step it up for this weeks game, both have dreams of making playoff runs, the loser will find themselves potentially out looking in for a chance, the daks need to run the table and get some help but first place is still out there.

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game 5 maurs 4-6 vs pirates 8-2

the maurs are dead last, but within a game so not out of it yet, the pirates want to wrap up the title and first things first a win here.

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with the playoffs coming be sure to keep up on the NFL picks except John you go ahead and skip a couple weeks.

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I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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