Koboz Kommish Report Playoffs Week 2

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Vikes didn’t realize they meant 6 feet not 60+ years!!!!!

Only two games this week, but as we all know these two are the last four teams still alive so lets see how it played out…….

Game 1 North Championship Title

Zepplins 7-6 1-0 vs Dread Pirates 9-4

With everything on the line the teams do their best to start all the right players, don’t leave anything on the bench and just win baby!!!! the zeps paid attention and left nothing on the bench, the pirates left 13 which may sound bad, but many teams leave lots of points on the bench its what we do with the players we do start that matters. we also have traditions the zeps fly high and start covid players, not that it mattered in the end and the pirates dread hard make the playoffs and run for the title, Texas A&M baseball has a neat one…..

the zeps fall short and the pirates make the championship game once again 37-31.

Game 2 West Division Championship

Vipers 7-6 1-0 vs Warhawks 8-5

The only two winning teams in the west all the rest had losing records so it seemed only fitting that the best two teams met for the West title, as for points on the board the hawks left 6 to the 15 by the vips, we all know that scoring in the mid to higher 30’s is almost a must, the hawks only got 32 points hoping they wouldn’t come up short……

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but then the hawks did realize that to measure up to the vips all they had to do was get a ruler and measure…… the vips come up short with 26 and the hawks move on.

with this being Christmas week you better get yourselves into the spirit!!!!

It is that time folks its the bowl time!!!!! lets see who gets which one….

game 1 the ultimate toilet bowl featuring

mauraders 4-9 0-1 vs dreadnaughts 5-8 0-1

two losers will meet for this ultimate of hated trophys …….

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watch this one so you can belittle the loser and feel good about yourself.

game 2 The “I ain’t a loser this time” bowl

demons 5-8 1-0 vs rebs 6-7 1-0

the demons fought hard this season and came out one game short of the playoffs, they are starting to get it, the rebs have told anybody and everybody who listens that they were the number 2 scoring team this season and deserved a playoff spot,

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tune in or not nobody really cares.

game 3 The ” I had a chance but then I blew it ” bowl

nation 5-8 0-1 vs daks 9-4 0-1

not good enough to win it all, not bad enough to slum it in the toilet bowl

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game 4 The ” catch me next year ” bowl

zeps 7-6 1-1 vs vips 7-6 1-1

two teams not expected to make it this far yet they did and both were just a moment away from getting to the big one.

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Game 5 The American Grey Cup Championship

featuring from the North

Dread Pirates 9-4 1-0


Warhawks 8-5 1-0

quite the matchup we have this season, the defending champs are here again and the hawks haven’t seen this game in many a year, so this week we see who gets to be the best this year, these were not the best scoring teams in the league but they made it here and now they are just one game from winning it all, they want what we all wanted when the season began, well that and be able to drink at the bar again.

so be sure to enjoy Christmas this week, unless of course you are the hawks or pirates and you will start and bench each player about 16 times over the week. asking santa for one thing this week and one thing only.

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I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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