Koboz Kommish report Playoffs Week 1 2020

You guys ready for this shit show??? thats right swearing is allowed and away we go ……

Vikings not able to stop the brady train, either that or kicking game sucks…

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Game 1 Mauraders 4-9 vs Rebels 6-7

first of our loser bracket games, yes these are losers and yes we should mock and shame them anytime we can, the maurs just had a tough season and that hasn’t stopped with this game as they could only muster up 15 points, the rebs have been complaining all over the place about not being able to make the playoffs even as a top scorer in the league, the trouble is coach Osborn has the knack…..

rebs were able to knack out a win here 49-15.

Game 2 Dreadnaughts 5-8 vs Screaming Demons 5-8

In game two, the naughts made a valant run but in the end they ended up here, meeting a demon team that just missed as well, to say this was a game was a mistake the demons showed up but the naughts forgot to bring the ship the RB’s the WR’s none of it only 13 points as the demons got 44 and got the easy win.

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Game 3 Zepplins 7-6 vs Kodiaks 9-4

Ah now we get to the real games, the zeps won their way into the playoffs while the daks took off after a slow start to get within a game of taking down the division, Qb battle was a tie with 6 each the zeps would take a lead with 18 RB’s to the daks 12, great game showing up WR’s tied at 6 no advantage there, the daks drew closer with 9-7 advantage on the kicker front {see Vikes kicking is important} and as it usually does it would come down to the defenses, the zeps put all their hopes with the bucs playing the vikes, they were not able to score any special teams points or pick sixes or safetys or punt and kick returns, but they had an ace in the hole……

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thats right good ole Kirk Cousins and his holding the ball WAY too long and the zeps get 6 sack points and a 43-33 win.

Game 4 Burninators 5-8 vs Vipers 7-6

If we look at the QB’s we can be happy that these two can only start one at a time they scored 15 and 12 the nations other QB had 15 as well and the vips QB had 13! what a start so we can expect a 60-64 point game right? no we see nothing but mistakes from this point on, the vips did well on the RB’s the nation missed 12 on the WR and the vips missed 6, the nation is going with the k and def they brought and the vips left 10 on the bench, but they had enough from before that the vips take down the nation 43-35.

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that was one great movie hard to believe they are bringing back Cruise after 30 years maybe they can bring back others…..

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oh uhhhh never mind…….

two more teams bite the dust, time to see who is in this weeks games…….

Game 1 Zepplins 7-6 1-0 vs Dread Pirates 9-4

Zeps looking good scoring in the 40’s is what you want this time of year, the pirates are going to score some points, will it be enough? can the zeps bring the flying game while the pirates look to aim the canons high in the sky to blow out the competition.

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it seems the pirates are out there recruiting again……

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Game 2 Vipers 7-6 1-0 vs Warhawks 8-5

the vips went on a major tear at the end of the season and if not for one little slip up they would have hosted this game, but it is nice to be in it, the hawks lost the last three games of the season and backed into the playoffs and the west division, now they look to try and figure it out and get just two more wins this year.

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don’t be fooled in this one these guys may play it out like they are friends…

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and that is it for games this week, its a light one but all will be on next week plus we crown a champion.

PS the daks are holding steady for the NFL picks so keep the pressure up to them.

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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