Koboz is Back!!! Week 1 Kommish report is here!

Wow did you think that offseason would ever end? it was horrible!!! no career ending injuries no last second TD’s no refs bias changing games, it is time to be back in the fold back with the folks to make it real, and we got a real boys club now fellas as we finally got rid of FHW (the filthy hobbit wench!) blah blah blah we all wish Mandy well trying to get through life without Koboz.  but you guys aren’t here for an  omage or reflection you are here for some kick ass reports so lets get to it!!!! cause football is back!!!! Game 1  Dread Pirates  vs  Warhawks The pirates were hoping for some wheel luck this year but it seems the Osborn’s had it nailed down this year as the players came off the wheels pretty much in order, (got the first three right!) this left them scrambling to find the best players when all they had to do is get on the wheel and spin to win!!! instead they go to war with rothesberger 0 points gurley 101 total yards 0 points kamara 163 total yards 0 points pitt D 1 point and the kicker which we all hate kickers got them 12 for a grand total of 13 points, not a good effort for the defending champ just seems his heart just isn’t in it, the hawks scored first chi D scored often bell 8 cooper 6 and scored last brees 6 and were able to top this one 35-13. Game 2  Mauraders  vs Kodiaks As we enter game 2 the question was whether this would be another blowout or a close one? as the teams took the field the maurs were making it look like a blowout as they had a huge 21 point lead at one point, the daks not one to give up looked up to see the maurs had hacked into the jumbotron and posted this image!!!!!! needless to say the daks were not happy, but they just didn’t have the talent this day to win the day and the maurs take game one 43-39. Game 3  Dreadnaughts vs Burninators The naughts were able to go to this weeks Vikes game they a new guy on the field, don’t know who got kleinsassers old number but he is ready to go!!!!
the nation was caught flat footed the naughts made the right moves (this time) scoring 37 giving up 23 in this victory, I talked to nations head coach Chris and all he had to say was……. Game 4    Vipers   vs  Screaming Demons Ah our new team, the screammy demmeeees are in the house the stadium is pretty impressive but the vips sure weren’t in any giving mood as they came after the dems unmercifully over and over even able to score the highest of the week with 49, the demons still trying to figure out how to score in this league, coach Tyler told he will be ready……. vips give the demons the loss 49-35. Game 5  Rebels  vs  Zepplins Two old school foes round out this first week of action, the zeps have a new floating stadium this year making it tough for most teams to even approach it!   here we see the stadium just as they are getting ready to lift it into the air for its final position….. the rebs have those marvelous flying machines and were able to reach the stadium easily the trouble came because it is not very stable, still working out the kinks….. here we can see some of the troubles the zeps had in building it…… as you can see many people just lept from the project rather than continue, the zeps don’t care though as they come out on top winning big 42-16. quite the first week!!! can we top it? will we? time to find out…… match ups game 1  pirates 0-1   vs  daks  0-1 a tough way to start the year is with a loss, a worse way is with two losses, one of these teams will get that into that hole to start this year,  maybe these two should try another game…….. game 2  maurs  1-0  vs  zeps  1-0 only three teams scored in the 40’s last week and these were two of them!!! we can only hope they do it again because the rest of us know we aren’t playing them.  so here is something we can all enjoy…….
game 3  rebs  0-1   vs  naughts  1-0 the real fight begins now as old school teams meet in the sea stadium for the naughts, these two do nothing but whine and complain and bitch about every little thing,,,  hmmm reminds me of someone…… also he couldn’t seem to find a suitable helmet……. game 4   vips  1-0    vs   hawks  1-0 two go in one comes out, someone gets to stay perfect and someone gets to become brady getting ready for his next game……… sure as hell hope I don’t lose!!!!!!!  damn!!!!! game 5  nation  0-1   vs   demons 0-1 no wins, perhaps no hope where are their players?????? these two still have time but wins are important so get out there and get some!!!!     was that too cliche????? sorry for those of you who struggled over the weekend, chins up you didn’t get beat as bad as Miami!!!!  they have something to fall back on…… do you????
that is it for this week I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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