2018 KOBOZ Championship Week!!!! The Final One

What a week! did you win? did I? well its time to find out maybe we can enjoy the outcome!!!

So where to start? how about in order of worst to first……..


game 1  maurs 3-10 0-1   vs  vips 4-9  0-1  The I Don’t Know What Fantasy Football is  Bowl.

yep the dredded toilet bowl game could the vips get the hardware they wanted? or would the maurs go from first to worst,  the vips were off to a bad start getting 18 from watson alone, if you want hardware you gotta sit the good players, the maurs had ryan but could only get half the points, the maurs robert woods had a good day with 12 points, but the maurs didn’t believe in him and he did so from the bench, the vips meanwhile used the kicker and defense to put themselves into the lead for good in the end the maurs would go from first to worst as the vips win 37-23.  the vips may have had their dates wrong thinking this was the begining of the season instead of the end…..


game 2  eagles 4-9  1-0   vs  daks 5-8  1-0

The I gave up three weeks ago when I was eliminated from the playoffs bowl

Not a game anyone cares about, and yes I mean for the eagles and daks too, the daks used def and kicker to win this last game of the year.42-22.   not much of a breakdown so here is an inside look at what the core four wives do as we watch football…..


game 3  nation 6-7 0-1  vs  zeps 9-4 0-1  The What If Bowl

Two teams doing nothing but wondering what if, what if I started that player, what if I was the one who picked up conner? What if I had gotten that first round bye? all in all it makes no difference as these two now met in the bowl of indecision it was a fine game with the zeps pulling off a late score to win 31-28.


game 4  rebs 7-6 1-1  vs hawks 8-5 1-1 The Defense Wins Championships? Bowl

The brothers had the best two defenses in the league and instead of winning the title it gets them to this point, both teams didn’t show a lot of defense in this game and the hawks did the worst as the rebs win this second matchup of the brothers 38-28.


GAME  5    Welcome one and all to the 2018

American Grey Cup Championship Game!!!!!

Featuring from the West

Dreadnaughts 9-4 1-0


from the North

Dread Pirates  10-3  1-0


well this is it folks the final game of the year hope you are ready, I’m not but thats mostly because I’m not in it, so it came down to who to bring in for commentary for the game? lots of great ones we have had in the past, we thought about John Wayne but apparently he died? like a while ago?

well that sucks, I guess we will have to find someone else, I would do it myself but my talents lie elsewhere……..

looks like a western theme going on….


can you name everything wrong with this image?   come on now give it a try……

first thats Jami Fox not John second that quote if from Clint Eastwood, but do  you know what is third…… this is from a Martin Scorsese movie and there isn’t any blood in it!!!

so its obvious we needed to bring in Clint for this years commentary,  but he had some things for us to do before he would.   first no gun free zones, second no vegan caterers, third supply Clint with a gun preferably a large caliber, and fourth no safe spaces……. once we had all those things in place we were ready to go, now the play by play booth was a makeshift gun range, so if there is a loud bang every so often you know why, and now without further delay lets watch some football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BK: welcome sports fans to the American Grey Cup the naughts won the coin toss and will defer the kick. do you think thats a good idea Clint?

CE: are you smiling at me?

BK: uhh no uh never just wondering, ok the pirates bring down the opening drive and an early score as Gordon goes in for six.

Clint: I’ve been in a lot of movies with a six shooter

BK: really? I had no idea, in fact have you ever been in a movie without a gun?

Clint: hmmm not that I can think of.

BK: dang, type cast much?  oh meanwhile the naughts used def and kicker to take 8-6 lead.

Clint: What did you say about me being typecast????

BK: uh nothing nothing at all!!!  did you guys see that stare?



Clint; say maybe you need to get back to the game.

BK: good idea the pirates added their def and kicker for 7 more and a 13-8 lead, sure glad you are on my side Clint

BK: always good to be on the right side, the naughts decided to put in their secret weapon with a. Brown who gets them 12 big ones and a 20-13 lead, will this be the end?

Clint: maybe I need to inspire the pirates…………


BK: wow great speech! and it worked as the pirates and mahomes have scored 11 more to take 24-20 lead.

and the naughts were rumored to be thinking of changing White for Gurley, but they didn’t check with the pros and it cost them as Gurley didn’t play White scored 6 and the naughts will lose by 4 you gotta know your numbers……


thats right folks its all over and the naughts come up just short and your champion are the


Dread Pirates   24-20 win!!!!!!!

congrats to the pirates and coach Chris sorry once again to coach Scott so close its been another great season thank you all and rumor is we may all get together for next years draft so let me know so we can plan out an all out bash!!!!!!


I can’t leave you without some great FFL memories…….



I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.
















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