2021 Koboz Kommish Report Week 9

NFC north is all over the place shall we take a look???????


seems about right, I’m throwing coach Bill to finish out the Vikes season, cause I know he will make me punter and I can get a salary too and won’t have to play!!!!

Game 1 Burninators 3-5 vs Rebels 4-4

The nation would rely on the defense and kicker today, and as we all know that is just a recipe for disaster here in the koboz world, the rebs took their time made the right moves and did something unthinkable!!! they used RB’s to win a game on monday night rebs win 26-24.

5 Tips - How To Win Hoth Walker Assault As Rebels | Star Wars Battlefront  Beta - YouTube

Game 2 Screaming Demons 6-2 vs Dread Pirates 6-2

Our game of the week was to be a back and forth fist fight for the dominance of the league, instead we got a major snore fest of a game as the demons couldn’t find the endzone, one might think they were the lions or seattle or the bucs or wtf ????? OH washington team of football!!!! as none of them found the endzone this week since they were on the bye week, the pirates enjoyed the 46-17 win.

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Game 3 Dreadnaughts 4-4 vs Kodiaks 2-6

The naughts came into this game knowing they should win, could win, better win, could not possible lose….. well that is just what we got as the naughts crush 42-19.

I knew I would win!!! - Captain Picard So Much Win! | Meme Generator

Game 4 Mauraders 4-4 vs Vipers 5-3

Tough game for both as they are both trying to be above .500 for the rest of the season and then take on the leaders for that first round bye in the playoffs,

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road games are tough it didn’t look good for the maurs but then the def kicked in and Kelce finally found the endzone and the maurs get a big road win 28-17.

Game 5 Warhawks 3-5 vs Zulu Mind Warriors 3-5

Wow a game no one cares about, even coach Jack and coach Steve were not that involved, it showed a bit more on the zuzus side as they could only muster 4 points……..4? really? wow it would be the biggest upset of all time if they were able to win this game with just 4 points, but the hawks came through with their boring 29 and a win.

Bland Boring Jessica QuirkyTina if She Were a Spice She'd Be Flour | Spice  Meme on ME.ME

quite the week shall we see how far Mark is leading the NFL picks? well it’s getting closer he is below 70% now and 12 pick lead.

match ups

game 1 naughts 5-4 vs demons 6-3

for the lead in the west the pressure is on can the upsurging naughts make the move into first place? or will the dems keep their spot and gain an extra game on the west.

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game 2 nation 3-6 vs hawks 4-5

the hawks may have stole a win last week, but they will need to keep up the pressure to stay in the hunt, the nation needs to find their fire and bring it to get their season going, since this games involves the kommish be careful not to tick off the kommish!!!!

Pin on Too. Much. Truth.

game 3 vips 5-4 vs pirates 7-2

vips have figured a few things out and seem to be on a winning path, the pirates are a buzzsaw you don’t want to be in front of.

when he gets started he's unstoppable and when he's unstoppable, it's like  he can't be stopped - 10 Guy - quickmeme

the vips know this and could only think of this joke comeback……..

Your mom is so slow it took her 9 months to make a joke!!!

game 4 daks 2-7 vs rebs 5-4

the rebs starting to get some wins hoping to keep it going, the daks well they have been having some trouble so they started a new farm hopefully it will help.

game 5 marus 5-4 vs zuzus 3-6

the zuzus are trying to find the right combination to start winning games, the maurs love being the road team.

We Don't always play on the road but when we do we are the home team - The  Most Interesting Man In The World - quickmeme
heads we screw the home team, tails we screw the road team i thought we  were playing paper, rock, scissors. - NFL Ref Meeting | Meme Generator

that is our report this week can the vikes find a new coach? will they wait till black monday?

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I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken!

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