2021 Koboz Kommish Report Week 3

A new day has dawned, the sun feels a bit warmer today, the world feels a bit happier, the constant throbbing in my head is a bit less this day, yes as we all know the Vikes have done the impossible and won a game! on a day where teams were missing FG’s left and right, missed extra points from many teams, yet the vikes were not one of them! amazing!

The Vikings don't always win but god damnit when we do we're gonna post 30  memes about it - The Most Interesting Man In The World - quickmeme

now lets get the REAL important games!!!!!

Game 1 Dreadnaughts 2-0 vs Burninators 1-1

Big game in the West the naughts looking to run the table met with a burning stadium so they steered clear until it was too late and they realized that WAS the right stadium! the nation had all the home fires burning and came out with the win with a Tucker record breaking 66 yard kick 24-21.

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Game 2 Screaming Demons 1-1 vs Vipers 1-1

The vips were hosting this week, the demons were warned not to go, to just let the vips have this one…..

wats that shadowy place? thats the snake pit simba you must never go there  - Lion King Shadowy Place | Meme Generator

but go there they did and lose they did 19-35. maybe next time the dems will get it.

Game 3 Mauraders 2-0 vs Warhawks 1-1

the maurs found themselves in the war dome, knowing that scoring 30 points is a good score in the league they decided to try for 29 and see what happens, well what happened was the hawks stomped all over them, there is a lesson in there for all of us, what it is I have no idea, but what I do know is the next time you get on a chopper you are going to think of this…

hawks win 51-29

Game 4 Dread Pirates 1-1 vs Kodiaks 1-1

Big game in the North daks and pirates hate each other, everyone knows how the pirates have always had clashes with bears in all of history,

Pirate Vs Bear - YouTube

the pirates were able to hold on for a close win 38-31 it has made the daks consider becoming pirates, their first attempt may be a little weak but maybe they are on to something…..

Black bear, not a human porch pirate is caught on video stealing a package  in Connecticut (it was toilet paper) - Chicago Sun-Times

Game 5 Rebels 0-2 vs Zulu Mind Warriors 0-2

Wow a nothing game not a win in sight did anyone not named Mark or Jack watch this game? I only see the score cause I have to report on it but man we are bringing up the bottom of the North here, in the end

You're bad at the game AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD - Critical Zoidberg -  quickmeme

so I checked out this game the rebs coached perfectly with 0 points on the bench, the zuzus left 6 on the bench but they are just trying to show everyone up by not starting all their players winning easy 42-9

As we move on to the games for this week don’t forget to do your NFL picks the rebs are starting to run away with this an unheard of 75% winning is crazy with 14-2 last week.

match ups

game 1 demons 1-2 vs daks 1-2

both are struggling a bit low scoring will be a factor in this one, not the worst league for scoring but…..

Screw soccer! If I wanted to watch someone struggle to score for 90  minutes%2C I'd take my friends to the bar. | Sports Ecard

game 2 pirates 2-1 vs rebs 0-3

are you serious? these two meeting for the second already this year? pirates got the first one lets see how this plays out. but is this the matchup we want?

Rebel Demolitionist Space Pirate :D Enjoy!: TeamfightTactics

I know its odd but I may want to see it~

game 3 maurs 2-1 vs zuzus 1-2

the zuzus got their first victory and boy is it sweet,

Victory Tastes Like Victory GIF - Victory Tastes Like Victory Drink -  Discover & Share GIFs

the maurs hit the road this week to see the new zulu stadium….

New outdoor soccer and indoor hockey facilities coming to downtown Colorado  Springs

hmmmm maybe we know why they have been struggling so far.

game 4 nation 2-1 vs hawks 2-1

we begin the fight for the west the next two games feature all the leaders all tied at 2-1 two will be in the hunt for the lead and two will be fighting for a playoff spot, the nation heads to the war dome to start things off bringing hellfire from above they hope to reign down

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the hawks are taking a more philosphical course of action…..

that Mike guy just may make it someday I wish him good luck on putting the ball in the basket

game 5 naughts 2-1 vs vips 2-1

naughts are hoping for the best, they travel to the snake pit this week, looking to catch the elusive snake they are bringing out the old warships from days past to win it all this week

HMS Daedalus (1826) - Wikipedia

with October right around the corner the vips are working on their urges…..

that is the report for this week can the Vikes make it two in a row? we can only hope…

Beauty Babes: 2013 Minnesota Vikings NFL Season Sexy Babe Watch NFC North  Division - 25 Hot Fans

silly girl thats a COLLEGE football!!!!!

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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