2021 Koboz Kommish Report Week 10

Game 1 Dreadnaughts 5-4 vs Screaming Demons 6-3

We start with our game of the week, and both these teams brought their A game, both teams left 0 points on the bench, they both had guys on the bye week which hurt them, so it would come down to smarts? good coaching? a coin toss? you would be close as the dems scored 12 on monday night and tied this game at 30!!!! we need to check the tie breakers, what a great game the demons had 6 from two players but the naughts had 7 from the kicker, had the dems used Hill in monday nights game he had 12 and would have won instead the naughts prevail 31-30.

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Game 2 Burninators 3-6 vs Warhawks 4-5

A blowout a bad one the nation scored a nice 43 points the hawks have 10 let me repeat that 10!!! RB’s WR’s TE’s on the team thats right folks they are loaded with skill players and not one on the bench or in the game scored a single point Mahomes goes for 15 but who cares nation wins 43-19.

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Game 3 Vipers 5-4 vs Dread Pirates 7-2

Vipers aren’t scared they knew the pirates aren’t that strong, before they knew it the pirates had 12 from QB, on top of that the pirates know that defenses in this league win championships and 11 more would seal the win 33-21.

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Game 4 Kodiaks 2-7 vs Rebels 5-4

Noone giving the daks much of a chance, they have started bye players and made some poor decisions, but haven’t we all? even the pirates have TWO losses!!!

What the fuck Pirates suck - Creepy Wonka - quickmeme

meanwhile the rebs were celebrating just a bit too early and the daks catch them napping 41-30

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Game 5 Mauraders 5-4 vs Zulu Mind Warriors 3-6

The zuzus are trying to make a statement at some point they will need some wins, the maurs were prepared to make a statement this day, for they knew they left the better players on the bench as the QB and RB had 18 and they went with ones that got them zilch, the kicker and defense combined for a measly 23 points but that was enough to win on this day 23-17

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Skagit Baseball on Twitter: "Team 2 is the SV Ballers and their Team Motto  is "Go Hard" ESPN the Ocho's Pepper Brooks weighed in on this team's name  and motto... https://t.co/rpOPhASvFA" /

NFL picks coach Mark still leads hawks and naughts only ones to catch him, pay attention or not I care niether

match ups

game 1 naughts 6-4 vs nation 4-6

naughts have the oppertunity to win out and take the west, this game would be two fold for them as they keep the nation down and keep the wins piling up, the nation can do the opostie and get the wins started against a tough oppoent is a good start.

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game 2 demons 6-4 vs vips 5-5

a fight for the ages, specifically old guys, you know morons!!!

There Is No Such Thing as a Grumpy Old Man or Woman the Truth Is When You  Get Really Old You Stop Being Polite and Start Being Honest MemeCentercom  Grumpy Old Man

game 3 hawks 4-6 vs daks 3-7

two hapless teams with no one at the controls! one of these days they will look up and see they missed the playoffs because of one game………

Jesus take the wheel : r/memes

game 4 pirates 8-2 vs zuzu’s 3-7

best vs worst that is all here are some memes

Being Old: a disadvantage, unless you're rich - Imgflip

they are protesting everything these days…..

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I think she needs to get a job!!!

game 5 maurs 6-4 vs rebs 5-5

the rebs have a two game lead for third in the north, but just one game back of the leaders one of which is the maurs who they play this week can the maurs keep control of the north? or will the rebs find the strength to win a big one?

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all right prepare yourselves for next week and the playoffs are looming in the meantime enjoy this old beloved commercial from our past, I believe this is the extended cut…

I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.

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