2018 Kommish Report | Week 8

Welcome to week 8 everybody we all have the same question, its one that has eluded mankind to this point please sit back and

enjoy learning the truth we all have needed to know…….


and now to the boring games…..


Game 1  Kodiaks 3-4 vs Vipers 1-6

No one showed up to this game the stadium was quiet, it seems the vips purposely told their fans that the game was next week instead, the reason? well filling the stands haven’t worked for them so maybe an empty stadium would. we did find one fan though……

he did seem bored by the game and he shouldn’t have as this game was close and good but the vips ended up on the short end once again 46-42.


Game 2  Rebels 4-3 vs Screaming Eagles 3-4

Two teams trying oh so hard to make the playoffs, the eagles a game back the rebs a game in, if the eagles win they could make the playoff run if the rebs win both stay in the same

position, and that is just what happened the rebs got the second lowest score of the week but they fell into luck as they played the worst score of the week and win this week 30-20.


Game 3  Mauraders 1-6 vs Burninators 3-4

The nation has been on a mission as they have been working harder and harder to get themselves back to .500 the maurs have been looking up to their uncle Bill day after day, to this day they haven’t understood this years plan to lose game after game, but dammed if they aren’t going to follow suit this week, losing again has become common place and doesn’t even faze them anymore, coach Kyle was heard to say “keep them coming cuz!!!!!”  maurs lose again 30-43.

Game 4  Dread Pirates 5-2 vs Warhawks 4-3

Two winning teams trying to keep it going, the hawks had the hot start but have been lackluster since, the pirates have been one of the hottest teams out there, both teams are good at leaving points on the bench, this week both left 12 on the bench and could have swung this game either way, a close game we had here, in the end the pirates put aside their morals and started against the Vikes and kicked their way to victory 32-31,  would have helped if the Vikes could show some defense, not fumble, not get picked, not fumble again.


Game 5  Zeppelins 5-2 vs Dreadnaughts 6-1

The game of the week the zeps pulled out all the stops, score lots of points… check,  make sure its in the 40’s not 30’s…. check, get the win? ch.….   (dreadnaughts intervine)

CHECKMATE Bitches!!!!!!!!! and with that the naughts win again 56-44.


NFL picks, we have 5 people in the fight, all five are within 6 picks daks have the lead and the rest of us are hoping they miss a week!!

so with the new website to write the report the best news is the pics and youtube is back for the kommish report!!!! that’s right the front and the back and the report is back baby!!!!

front and now of course the back…….

yes you are welcome….

game 1  daks 4-4 vs naughts 7-1

the daks are out, that’s right out! .500 and not good enough, nothing like taking on the hottest team in the league this week, we all wish him good luck, yes even Scott knows this is too good to be true he needs a reality check and soon.

game 2  rebs 5-3 vs nation 4-4

two teams in the playoffs as of now, but will it hold? they both need to win to confirm it otherwise it will be up to the Fantasy Football Fate.

game 3  maurs 1-7 vs hawks 4-4

following in his uncles lead the maurs may need to find a new path to get some victories, the hawks are hoping they wait at least one more week, the maurs chances require wins and some help.

game 4  pirates 6-2 vs eagles 3-5

leading the west the pirates feel pretty great, but with two teams just a game back and the daks just two back its no time for rest, the eagles are below .500 but two teams ahead of them for a playoff spot they have every chance to nab one of them.

game 5  zeps 5-3 vs vips 1-7

can the vips win? really I mean that is the only question to ask and so I have, the zeps will bring it and it will be up to the vips to match then beat that effort.

speaking of effort its Halloween and time for an interview………

please welcome our favorite mistress Elvirira!!!!!!

BK: hello my darling!

EL: oh hell no! come on! fine

BK: I heard you got a new tattoo!!!!

EL: that’s true it was a long time coming and I had really wanted it

BK: I knew it!!! you had my name tattooed onto yourself can I see?

EL: you vain idiot it wasn’t you its a bat!

BK: hmmm I think you are lying I mean you are evil, but in all the best ways

EL: oh darling you have no idea

BK: SEE you called me darling!

EL: you are really reaching buddy boy!

BK: you have no idea how far I can reach, don’t sit too close

EL: OMG you are so creepy! it makes my brain hurt!

BK: I do so enjoy our little chats

EL: at least one of us does

BK: I heard you have a movie coming out

EL: I….ummm? what are you talking about?

BK: the new movie starring you!

EL: I haven’t made a move for years!!! what are you talking about?

BK: well this of course….


EL: oh shit you have to be kidding me! that’s like from the 80’s!!

BK: but you look just as hot?!?

EL: well thanks for that darling but is quite old and I better go before you say anything more!

BK: all right all right thanks for chatting

what a great interview, one of these years you guys are going to have to be around to see it in person!!!

some have said that fantasy football is a waste of time, that we could be spending our time in much better ways

but I for one disagree for we all know that our league is the best with our interviews personal breakdowns of each game

and the knowledge each of us possesses that if anyone were to cross us and our love of fantasy…… well sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words..


I am Boss Kommish and I have spoken.






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