2018 Kommish Report | Week 7


The Kommish Report for week seven shifts to the Pacific time zone this week as Boss Kommish and ABG (and their much “better halves”) head to Sin City for a fact finding tour.

Many meetings were held, mostly at high end casinos and much much thinking liquid was applied, needless to say the recaps may be a bit sparse this week and way WAY late.


Sin City has TOTALLY EMBRACED the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team. You can’t walk into ANYWHERE without seeing Golden Knights logos…. which i have to admit is pretty cool.

Golden Knights Taxi Low-Rider

The House Always Wins.
OK… so each of us had a few “victories” when playing in the casinos… but if you don’t know when to walk away… you. will. lose. every. time.|


Gordon Ramsey pretty much knows how to cook. Yeah… it costs big $$$ but Hell’s Kitchen… OH SO YUMMY!

Why is this picture backwards? Stupid Technology.

Carrot Top is frickin’ hilarious. Dudes… seriously! I laughed for 90 minutes straight. Check him out at the Luxor if you get the chance.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahaha (inhale) baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahha

Vikings Fans Rule… even those NOT in Minnesota!

ABG successfully started a SKOL CHANT at the LINQ on Sunday. Vikings fans from everywhere come out in droves on game day. Baaaaaaarooooooooo!

Vikings fans RULE!

ABG still thinks he has a chance at Winning the KOBOZ bowl… Boss Kommish has thoughts on that….

Dreadnaughts in the KOBOZ Bowl? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaa

OK… that’s enough of that, lets get to the games.


Game 1  Kodiaks 2-4 vs Burninators 3-3

Kareem Hunt was on the hunt for a win for the daks this week with three TD’s from the line of scrimmage the nation couldn’t bring the fire and

the daks were able to take this one 42-32.


Game 2  Rebels 3-3 vs Dread Pirates 5-1

The rebs know that 40 is the new 30 so they went out there and scored 44 points, the pirates had a good output with 37 and they had two RB’s to go!

with five total RB’s to choose from you would think it would be no problem to score a bunch of points, but combined COMBINED five RB’s had 150 yards

1 TD, that is an average of 30 yards and  0.20 points per player, it obviously wasn’t enough and the rebs held on to win.


Game 3  Mauraders 1-5 vs Screaming Eagles 2-4

The eagles just needed one player to win this game, ok actually the Den D did it for them, they added some other scores and won easily 33-17.


Game 4  Zepplins 4-2 vs Warhawks 4-2

Our game of the week really lived up to its name as we had a good close game, although neither got into the 30’s we still had a defensive battle

to behold, the zeps only left 7 on the bench, not to be outdone the hawks only left 6, but with scores hard to come by in this one the zeps held on to

win 29-24.

Game 5  Dreadnaughts 5-1 vs Vipers 1-5

40 being the new 30 well in this one well the vips didn’t get to 30 and the naughts didn’t get to 40, did it matter? not really do you care? hell no

the naughts win this one 39-29.


match ups


game 1  daks 3-4 vs vips 1-6

daks in the hunt and the vips trying to ruin everyones games, not a lot of wins between these two but tune in for some good insults, we hope


game 2  rebs 4-3 vs eagles 3-4

rebs have turned around their season after a tough start, the eagles have been clawing their way back into the playoff picture


game 3  maurs 1-6 vs nation 3-4

the nation has built a large moat around the stadium, perfect for this weeks game against the maurs who have been tired after all the roads games this season, but now is not the time to let up as the nation are fighting to keep position in the West.

game 4  pirates 5-2 vs hawks 4-3

both with a winning record, but will that hold up after this game? one hopes so while the other does not, pirates have been doing very well in the North but the competition is fierce and you cannot let up even for a minute, the hawks have been all over the place, still with a good record they need to win some to solidify the position.


game 5  zeps 5-2 vs naughts 6-1

our game of the week pits the top team in the west against the tied for top team in the North, what a game get ready for a shootout!



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